Download Workplace Chat for PC and Mac

The Workplace Chat desktop app for Windows and Mac lets you chat with your coworkers. It’s an alternative to chatting with coworkers on Workplace in a desktop browser.
To download the Workplace Chat app for your computer, first make sure you're logged into Workplace on the browser you're using. Then, click one of the links below depending on your operating system:
If you're logged into Workplace on the browser you're using and you're still having problems downloading Workplace Chat, then you may need to update your operating system.
Note: Workplace Chat doesn't require admin privileges, so anyone should be able to install the app unless it's been blocked by a system administrator.
Features on Workplace Chat app
The Workplace Chat app lets you:
  • Receive notifications directly to the app
  • Have video or audio-only calls
  • Share your screen during calls
  • Have a chat with 1 person or a group
Learn more about how to use Workplace Chat.
Deploy the Workplace Chat MSI for your organization
Learn how to deploy the Workplace Chat app via Windows installer (or .msi package) so that it will be installed for all users in your organization.
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